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COLOR: The Mood of Film (Part II)

To sum up these terms; we can think of HUE as the specific color, VALUE as how bright the color is, and SATURATION as how intense the color presents itself. When thinking of how color is used in film, we'll rely heavily on these concepts of HUE, VALUE, and SATURATION as we explore how colors relate to each other and how these relationships can serve to create a visual style.

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Pacing: The pulse of a movie

The standard definition of pacing is the rate at which a story is being told. However, I begin with the quote by Henry David Thoreau because in my studies I have found that pacing is a very subjective aspect of storytelling and specifically in this case, film viewing. A film that may seem to drag on to one person may feel like a "slow burn" to another and neither person would be wrong or right.

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