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Allied Productions | Photo & Video Production

Allied Productions is an award winning video production, photography and digital media agency based out of Grand Rapids Michigan that exists at the intersection of story and strategy. We help you create impactful video, photo, and digital content for the moments that matter. 

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Video Production & Photography

Allied Productions is a process driven photo and video creative agency. Our focus digs deeper into understanding your business and your consumers, in order to create targeted content for the moments that matter. We aren't just a service, we're an ally.


Photo Production

Content creation is our lifeblood. From brand imaging to product photography, we know photo. Iconic brand images aren't just important - they're essential. We've created content for magazines, online marketplaces, startups, Fortune 200 product launches, books, websites, flyers, stickers, t-shirts, and even billboards. Don't limit your photographic experience to one style or format. Let our expertise put you in the best light.

Audio Production

From field recording to sound mixing, we know audio. Our process creates a soundscape that immerses your target audience in an authentic experience. Whatever your audio needs, we understand that a quality soundtrack can lift your project to new heights. Our approach has enabled us to be adaptive to record audio in any environment; utilizing top audio equipment and technique. Our experience will get you heard. We aren't just a service, we're an ally.

Video Production

Video is the most direct form of creative expression and perhaps the most important creative asset to a business. At Allied, we pride ourselves on delivering award-winning video content that embodies your brand’s unique style. Our expertise includes large-scale commercial work, budget-minded training videos, interviews, and even live-streaming events. No matter your needs our collective creative experience can tackle the challenge. 


Our Blog

We are storytellers. From reviews and tutorials to behind the scenes images, our blog is where our story connects with yours. Subscribe & keep track of what we're up to and our library of tips/tricks.

Photography and Filmmaking Tutorials

With multiple publications, large scale productions, and a few independent films, we've learned a thing or two. We love sharing that knowledge and often produce tutorials on our blog. 

Gear Reviews

At Allied, we love testing new equipment in a production environment. Let our experience provide clarity on your next gear purchase. There is no substitute for real world experience in a production environment.


Studio Rental

Our 1700 square foot studio is available for hourly rental by appointment. An Allied member will be present at all rental times and a deposit is required upon scheduling. We offer basic rental time, rental options with lighting assistance, and options with behind-the-scenes photo or video. From needing a space to shoot to building content for your brand, we're your Ally. Contact us with any questions or to schedule your next studio time.