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Studio Days: How to Make Your Own Quasar Science LED Mounts

You’ve seen a set of Quasar Science LED tubes. We guarantee it. These long, versatile tubes of light have taken the video work by storm. What started as a way to turn heads with light design has morphed into an amazingly powerful lighting tool. The unique properties of Quasar Science LED tubes (a long, large, light, and power soft light source) lets you hide them almost anywhere.

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The Allied Advantage: Creative Content and The New Paradigm

This is an introduction to a series of ongoing articles that looks at how to stay relevant a world dominated by social networks, AI, digital natives and great uncertainty.

We approach strategy differently than most creative agencies focusing on video, photo, and content production. Normally, this relationship is transnational, you pay X amount and get Y delivered. Our background in design thinking, product development, and helping organizations innovate has put us at the forefront of a new experiential paradigm.

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Pacing: The pulse of a movie

The standard definition of pacing is the rate at which a story is being told. However, I begin with the quote by Henry David Thoreau because in my studies I have found that pacing is a very subjective aspect of storytelling and specifically in this case, film viewing. A film that may seem to drag on to one person may feel like a "slow burn" to another and neither person would be wrong or right.

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Be Intentional With Your Photography and Video Production

Creating art, great marketing content, and connecting with your audience is much more than an object and a shutter. There are an infinite number of variables to consider before a photo shoot, or video production. The following tips will help you better connect with your client, their needs, and create more valuable content. 

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How to Connect With Your Video Production & Photography Clients to Drive Impact

Ted has sat in at the studio the last couple weeks, and even joined us on location for a artist interview and head-shot session at the Kendall School of Art and Design (blog coming soon). His wisdom of digital media and content production is only matched by his strategic mind and ability to demystify the art of client-to-agency relationships. Below are a few things we've picked up from Ted in our time together.

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