Studio Days: The Exploding Sandwich Product Photography Tutorial

Allied Studio Days: An Ongoing Series

We’re always trying out new styles in our product photography to give our clients as many choices as we can. During our weekly stand-up meetings we often take time to explore new techniques we want to try out. Last week we took the idea of the “Exploding Deli Sandwich” and added a vegetarian twist to it to give the photo a more vibrant and a fresh look. In this episode of our Allied Studio Days vlog series , we show the techniques used to execute this shot from set-up to the edit. We separated the in-studio work and the Photoshop edit sequence into two videos. You can find the edit time-lapse below.


Note…it’s sped up to ludicrous speed for your sanity. If you have any questions on the edit don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We’ll answer your questions as best we can, and who knows it might become the subject of a new article or vlog.

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