Allied Intern: Meet Jana Selig



Allied Productions is proud to introduce Jana Selig,  our first intern. At Allied Jana will focus on shadowing the role of Assistant Director as well as contributing in business meetings and client interactions. Along with her many talents Jana brings an incredibly unique world-view to the team moving between Russia and Germany (twice) before finally settling in the United States at the age of 17. 


A few words from Jana:

Imagine you are born in Russia, move to Germany at the age if 3, move back to Russia at the age of ten and back to Germany at the age of 15 to start high school. You’d run, wouldn’t you? Yeah, so did I. When I turned 17 I decided to escape my chronically indecisive parents (love them dearly though), and move to the States. I applied to come to the US as an exchange student in high school and after that I decided to stay and go to college here. 

You see, I love people. I love talking to them. I love helping them. Heck, I even love solving their problems for them (mainly because fixing my own problems sounds like a bigger mess). It’s the reason I chose to study social work. But, had I not grown up with a dad who did not believe in entertainment, passion, talents and let’s just say it, fun, I would have moved to Hollywood or NYC shortly after learning how to hold a clipboard. Movies, shows, comedy, theater, you name it, all of that amazes me.  But, what fascinates me the most is everything that goes on backstage. It stirs something within me that practically screams out to be a part of it. 

Growing up I remember making up “commercials” about the toiletry items that were within my reach (because I had to read the instructions on how to use them and get familiarized with the ingredients. I wasn’t about false advertisement). I’d present my ideas to my family using a bottle of shaving cream or a hair brush as my microphone. So I believe TV and entertainment has always been something that I was interested in. A couple summers ago I traveled with an organization that puts on conferences (1500+ attendees) for high school students all over the country. My role was to run the cameras and assist the auditorium manager with anything he or she needed. IT WAS AWESOME. I think that is when I realized that I wanted to do something related to productions. Last year I graduated with a bachelors degree in social work. Before diving into the pool of social problems, injustice, property and under-resourced populations, I want to do something I have always found fascinating. Who knows, maybe it'll work out. 

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