Winter Studio and Location Photography Workshop with Nino Batista


The Workshop: Multi-Light Studio Setups and Location Photography Essentials

Last weekend we hosted award-winning photographer and renown educator Nino Batista for a two-day workshop. Photographers, of all ability levels, traveled from as far away as Pittsburgh to experience two days of intense photography instruction and skills development. The workshop was shooting focused, but included custom retouching followup as well. The participants had the opportunity to experience extensive amount of 1-on-1 , hands-on instruction broken up between studio photography setups the first day and location photography setups on the second. 

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Day 1: Studio Photography Lighting

During the first day Nino covered five unique lighting setups including settings, composition, framing, and posing details. Nino's teaching process includes going through the reasons for choosing each setup, demonstrates how to problem solve within the environment and gives hands on feedback as each photographer utilizes the setup. While written and video tutorials are incredibly helpful, there is no substitute for the on-the-fly teaching during hands on training from a seasoned professional. 

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Day 2: Location Photography Lighting

During the second day Nino covered three unique location-based photography lighting setups along with settings, composition, framing, and posing information. Nino covered using shadow/natural light, single light beauty dish, and multi-light location concepts. Nino, who is from Texas, doesn't get a lot of opportunity to shoot in the snow. Watching him problem solve in an unfamiliar location, provided a unique teaching opportunity as the attendees learned not just a setup, but how to approach a new environment and how to build on concepts to create varied looks in a single location. 

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Why attend a photography workshop?

Often, as photographers it seems like every day there is a new decision to be made on how to best invest in "taking the next step." Is it a tutorial, a piece of gear, or that exclusive location that's going to make the difference? From our experience, nothing is as valuable as getting real time feedback from an experienced educator. Not only do the attendees learn directly from Nino, a context  and sense of community is created where they begin to learn from each other. While this environment doesn't happen by accident, it creates a lasting impression and serves as a turning point. 

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