Throwback - Where It Started

Aaron and I met on set. He was acting. I was running cable and burning my hands on lights. We both were drenched in the muggy mid-summer air, crammed inside a ranch-house wreaking of bug spray.  

It was hell. But, we clicked. Started collaborating. He helped shoot The Date, an award winning short Chris Raby and I created shortly before Chris made his way out to L.A.

But, our first real end-to-end collaboration was Young Man. A short narrative/music video written by Luke Parker.

The nostalgia still gives me chills. Also, mad props to Luke for building the robot and providing the always talented pup Daffy. 

Now we have another partner, Nathan Fischer. His vision as a director and tenacity as a writer proved a natural fit at Allied. More importantly, Nate is was we call “great people.”

 - Phill