Content creation is our lifeblood. From field recording to sound mixing, we know audio. Our process creates a soundscape that immerses your target audience in an authentic experience. Whatever your audio needs, we understand that a quality soundtrack can lift your project to new heights. We aren't just a service, we're an ally.

Location Sound & Field Recording

From podcasts to feature films, our sound team has the experience to capture the audio your project needs to the highest quality. Our process has enabled us to be adaptive to record audio in any environment; utilizing top audio equipment and technique. Our experience will get you heard.

Sound Editing & Mixing

We know how important audio quality is as it lends itself to production value. Our editing team can take your recordings and maximize their potential with our mixing process.  We can also edit your content for time and tailor it for your intended platform, audience, or project.

Foley Recording

At Allied, we pay heavy attention to detail and our soundscape is no exception. Our sound designers can take your project to the next level with a quality Foley track tailored for you. From room tone to sound effects, we can help you create an immersive experience for your audience.