We don’t talk at consumers; we hold a conversation.

We don’t tell; we advise.

We don’t trigger transactions; we inspire.


Phill Swanson

Phill parlayed an All-American Football career into an educational and professional journey equal parts communication, creativity, and design. He enjoys narrative film production as much as designing innovative products and consumer experiences.

Phill's resume includes award winning short films, national marketing campaigns, and raising nearly $300,000 to help launch a home brewing appliance on IndieGoGo. As an experienced writer and creative, he's channeled his innovative powers into helping small and large business innovate through the power of design thinking. 


Aaron McGrane

A Michigan native, Aaron has spent more than 30 years shooting in a variety of genres. Aaron studied Art History at Western Michigan University and was awarded the Presidential Scholar and ArtStar. He's had Batik Textiles and Acrylic Paintings exhibited internationally, and has created video productions for many corporations, small businesses, and individuals. As a headshot photographer, he brings the unique perspective of being a filmmaker as well as a photographer.

He's directed two feature films, eight short films, twelve music videos, and collaborated with countless models, actors, and artists. His music videos have been featured in XXL, Complex, and The Source. His photographs have appeared in Fortune Magazine, CNet, Engadget, Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Geek.com. 

In addition to his photography and video work, Aaron enjoys hosting educational workshops, volunteering photo work for his favorite charities, and participating in several local camera clubs. 


Dennis Stack

Dennis has been a student of filmmaking nearly his whole life. His fascination with how things work piece by piece to come together as a whole naturally lent itself to his love of film. And although his school days are behind him, Dennis knows that there is always more to be learned. There is no better teacher than experience and Dennis has plenty.

Over his career Dennis has participated in all aspects of the creative process from the bottom of the crew to top billing. He believes that there isn’t a job too small or too large for him to accomplish. He has written and directed short films, acted in several plays and films, and has edited over 75 films, videos and other projects. Dennis also serves as the co-creator and co-host of Cinema Buffs, a YouTube channel associated with Allied.

Dennis’ education and experience makes him an asset to our team. His knowledge of visual storytelling helps in our process of telling your story, from start to finish.