Sideshow: How Zombies Are Made

Well. Two Zombies fall in love. Then the two Zombies devour their first victim together. Then Two Zombies...Actually, it takes a team of extremely talented makeup artists, a plan, practice, reflection and operational perfection to bring Zombies to life in a feature film.

We'll be pushing 30 to 40 zombie extras through our assembly line in a few weeks. Achieving a unified look, especially with each of our artists having their own unique spin on bringing the undead to life, meant this week's makeup test was crucial to pulling off Director Roger Scholz's vision. 

Utilizing our studio's natural north facing light and a few fluorescent soft-boxes the makeup artists set up their workshop. A series of tables housed each artists' tools, the human canvases sat in chairs, and I tried to not get in the way while taking pictures. The zombies we pushed through our assembly line ranged from burn victim (the scarring is cotton) to some early-stage zombies requiring "vein-work." 

Having all of the creative minds in one room feeding off each others energy helped the order of operations emerge. At the beginning of the night we had a rough idea of what we would do. By the end each person's strengths became apparent and a natural process emerged thanks everyone's observations and problem solving. 

As always, a huge thanks to everyone involved. As always, check back for more information on Sideshow in the coming days and weeks. Be on the look out for information on our Zombie school too.