Open Zombie Casting Call: The Horde Was Strong In Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids and West Michigan natives turned out in undead droves for Allied Production's Sideshow Open Zombie Casting call. 

Over 400 willing victims turned out April 18th and 19th, spurred by a flurry of social media buzz, and a few well-placed articles in the Grand Rapids Press and on Saturday's line extended down three flights of stairs and into the parking lot shared with a local church. MUA Stephanie Strowbridge and Director Roger Scholtz put groups of four through the same Zombie routine which included:

  1. A brief description what was actually happening. 
  2. What Sideshow was. 
  3. How Sideshow's Zombies will behave. 
  4. An initial undirected Zombie walk. 
  5. An additional Zombie walk with direction.
  6. Feedback. 
  7. Annnndddd one the many faces of Roger below. 

Unfortunately we won't be able to have everyone come back and be a part of the Zombie horde in the coming weeks. However, stay tuned as another opportunity will be announced before the week is out (get your competitive and creative juices flowing). Until then enjoy the pictures below, and look for photos and video from a Zombie makeup test later this week.