DisArts Festival: Arts In Motion Fund Raiser

Last weekend Allied Productions had the pleasure to photograph the Arts in Motion Fourth Annual Basghetti dinner. The dinner is a fundraiser for Arts in Motion Studio, a studio dedicated to enriching the Grand Rapids community and lives of individuals with disabilities through expressive arts. Arts in Motion specializes in adaptive instruction in the creative arts for the physically, emotionally or mentally challenged.

The creative arts are an important means of self-expression and should be accessible to all individuals, without regard for physical or mental limitation.   By using a variety of styles, music and props, students are able to outwardly express the beauty within. Many of these talents were on display at the dinner, ranging from paintings to choreographed dance. 

Creativity is inherent in us all. Dance, drama and music can be a tool for expression as well as enhancing personal growth. With the appropriate accommodations, the creative arts provides the impaired individual with: 

  • An emotional outlet 
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem 
  • A sense of achievement 
  • The freedom of expression 
  • Expanded social awareness and communication 
  • An opportunity for involvement

At Arts in Motion, there is a place for everyone. Courses are available for all ages, developmental levels and challenges. 

For more information visit Arts in Motion's website, and make sure to check out the DisArts Festival going on in Grand Rapids through April 25th.