Director's Blog: One Session Wrapped, Four More Remain

Roger Scholz (director) discussing the final scene with with his two leads during principle photography on the "Session" portion of Sideshow. 

Roger Scholz (director) discussing the final scene with with his two leads during principle photography on the "Session" portion of Sideshow. 

Production on “Session” (one of the five parts of the Sideshow anthology film) has moved into the final stages. All that remains is a small insert to be filmed, color correction and the final edit process.

But, what an amazing shoot. Sure the set was cold, very cold. I think Allecia Danielle said it best “When this project is complete and we’re all looking back on it, we may not have completely forgotten the cold, but it won’t be what defines our experience”. I’m warm now, and was shortly after leaving set each day... but what I still am, and always will be, is grateful for an amazing cast and crew. We, as a collective, pulled off an impressive task. Not only did we capture great performances from one hell of a talented cast. Not only is the footage beautifully framed and shot (some rather tricky camera moves and stage angles I must add). But, we did it all efficiently and productively enough to be done long before the scheduled wrap time each day... Unbelievable in the film world! 

As a director, a novice one at that, I came away with a lot of new knowledge. Set protocol, calling the slates, etc. But, the key is something that I, and everyone involved, came to the set with. A defined road-map of what we were to accomplish and an ability to communicate. I have a vision of the film, as the writer and director I know what this will look like on the screen after the edit. I know the shots, the B-roll and the cuts. The crew does as well thanks to an exhaustive  preproduction process that involved everyone seeing and working with that vision.

The cast knew their characters as well as their lines, bolstered even more-so thanks to rehearsal and an open dialogue about who and what there character are. In depth pre-production work on hair, make-up and wardrobe made the road even smoother. The best lesson of film making (for me) is this: it’s a team effort, the result is a sum of all the parts. As the leader of the pack I, the director and writer, must share the vision and not hold back in order for everyone to be at their best. I totally trust my team, and in doing so, am completely open to any input I receive. 

For now the race is still being run, there is a long way to go before a finish line is in sight. But we know where it is, and what it will look like, so we continue to run. On the other side of the finish line we will celebrate but until then, head down and forward!

- Roger