Roller-Billy Rumble

Saturday night January 31, 2015 was a Roller-Billy Rumble in Grand Rapids!

Rivertown Sports in Grandville, MI saw a double header Roller-derby night featuring the Kalamazoo - Killamazoo VS the Grand Rapids - Grand Raggidy Roller Girls, with special guest The Truckstop Cobras belting out the live rockabilly at halftime and between bouts. Intensity and skill in the rink was amazing, the band was smokin’ hot and the crowd, well, lets just say the crowd was as entertaining as everything else in the house that night!

Ceci gave the evening a broader scope with shots beyond the action on the rink. Photo’s of players on the bench, fingers getting taped, ice packs, band gear and all those little moments in time that make up an experience. 

- Roger