Sideshow: The IndieGoGo Campaign

It's been a while since we last spoke. Lots has been brewing here at Allied Productions, and we can finally begin sharing the fruits of our labors. 

Sideshow: The IndieGoGo Campaign

Writer/Director Roger Scholz introduces Sideshow the Movie and how fans can help with production.

Sideshow production is moving into its next phase and we need your help. We're looking to raise $50,000 to help finish production. We've got a ton of great perks and incentives to reward your contributions including Zombie Makeup sessions for Halloween, mugs, t-shirts, producer credits, private screenings, and much more. 

Where will your donation go? The budget breakdown for the remained of the movie is detailed below. But, in terms of actual on screen benefits, the money donated will ensure that Sideshow maintains and exceeds its current quality. 

Stay tuned to our social pages, the blog, and the IndieGoGo campaign for more information on events, new developments and how you can help Sideshow!